KDA offers full architecture and interior design and planning services as well as owner representation. We feel the best projects come from a truly collaborative process. Whether that be clients, contractors, or consultants, great projects are realized when everybody on the team is empowered to contribute. This philosophy allows us to comfortably work on a variety of project types and scales.


The power of space to affect us as people is profound.  Space is made up of volume, light, material, color, and furnishing – all of which must work together.  KDA’s interior design services allow your space’s architecture and interior environment and furnishing all to work together towards a common goal.


We believe that good design adds tangible worth, and KDA works with developers to maximize value and realize bespoke architectural projects. KDA offers site evaluation, zoning analysis, and development schemes in preparation for property acquisition, team assembly, and construction. To learn more, please contact us at


In conjunction with our development consulting services, KDA offers full client project management and owner’s representation services.  KDA can help guide you through complex projects and oversee your design and construction team on your behalf.  Whether you are remote from the project, or simply need experts on your side looking out for your best interests, KDA can be a valuable partner.

KDA uses modern delivery methods and a contemporary design sense to deliver unique and compelling projects.


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