Townhouse Development

Greenwich Village Townhouse I

This new contemporary townhome development, situated in the heart of the charming West Village historic district, offers a luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle. With over 7,000 SF of living space, including a home theater, gym, spa, and 5 bedrooms, this single-family home exudes elegance and comfort. It’s no surprise that it sold pre-completion, before even hitting the market, to a fortunate buyer who recognized the unique opportunity it presented.


M+J Townhouse

This delightful Brooklyn townhouse with ambitious clients and some amazing historical detailing that needed to be preserved.  We worked with the clients to reimagine how this single-family would look and feel – combining a contemporary approach to layout while respecting its more traditional aspects.


E+J Apartment

An ambitious new take gives this apartment renewed life.  Sitting over 450 feet above the street, the clients of this apartment wanted a contemporary remodel that challenged the typical way these older apartments are usually arranged.

High End Contemporary Architecture and Interior Residential Design k—da


LP Apartment

This Flatiron apartment was crafted for a jewelry designer.  As obsessed with details as we are, the client and we worked over every inch of the apartment to transform this into a jewel befitting of its occupants.

Image of BD Apartment Design and Shelves


B+D Apartment

This small apartment in the London Terrace wanted to rethink its layout 90 years after it was first constructed.  We worked to move the heart of the house into a great room completely change the feel of this little gem – now ready to take on the next century.



A full tear-down and rebuild of this historic Waverly townhouse is an excellent example of a well-executed transitional design style.  Nestled on the historic West Villiage, this landmark protected site needed to balance its historic past while updating itself for a new more contemporary clientele.

High End Contemporary Architecture and Interior Residential Design k—da


OH House

A reimaging of the bottom floor of this upstate getaway needed to create space for guests, parties, and lounging.  We wanted it to blend with the exterior space that is serviced with the existing house all while having its own sense of identity.


APM Monaco

When APM Monaco started its US expansion, they needed a local project manager to coordinate the design and construction at 4 of their new storefronts across the US.  Placing their new locations in some of the most prestigious locations, this was an exacting task.  k-da worked as a development partner, client representative, and project manager for the Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Boston stores.

Penthouse Apartment

A+S Apartment

Perched on the 45th floor of a 1975 building, the A+S Apartment transforms a rigid layout into an open, contemporary haven. With breathtaking views of Downtown Manhattan, the East River, and Brooklyn, this renovation features a relocated kitchen, a spacious dining area, a state-of-the-art gym, and a luxurious primary suite. The design incorporates natural woods, Venetian plaster, and blackened steel, emphasizing clean lines and hidden storage solutions. Through innovative design and expert craftsmanship, the A+S Apartment exemplifies the potential of collaborative design, offering both elegance and functionality.

Penthouse Apartment

L+S Apartment

We are very excited to share this new UES Penthouse.  This project is anchored by a new contemporary approach to living spaces.  Custom millwork ties the apartment together, maximizes storage, celebrates the views, and navigates the oddities of this amazing top-floor apartment.

137 West 13th Street Townhouse High End Contemporary Residential Development by k—da

Our Practice

Creating Suprise

We are committed in our practice to instilling beauty function and surprise into our architecture and interior design.  We work with our clients to create hidden value and transformational moments.  Something as simple as a hidden wet bar can allow a space to shift and grow depending on the needs of the hour.

Apartment Development

Sutton Place Development

k-da was hired to transform this apartment originally built in 1973 for the post-covid era. Left in dessert – we were able to open up the living space, incorporate an enclosed home office, and create a truly beautiful apartment that will make a lucky person quite happy!


We Are Famous!

Well – more accurately – featured on the ArchDaily blog.  We are glad that the B+D Apartment is getting a little attention.

Big News

13th Street Sold!

Our West Village townhouse has sold!  Read all about it!


Upper Westside

This new take on a townhouse was spawned by the client’s desire for free and open space.  Modern detailing and an energy-efficient envelope were created and housed behind a meticulously restored facade.  Spaces were designed to be reconfigured to suit the client’s needs on a particular day for fun, work, or both.

Under Construction

Maple House

This new single-family home is designed for a family thinking about the future.  Designed as a multi-generational home with expandable sleeping and living quarters works to stand out as a contemporary showpiece in its Long Island neighborhood.

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    This competition had us exploring new ways to use tiny lots around New York.  We developed new screening and  circulation strategies that allowed these lots to be fully developed.


    Surgical Intervention

    Designing in New York City requires precision.  We understand that every square inch is valuable and that construction is complicated when working inside large older buildings.  We are specialists in reimaging how spaces can be rethought, reorganized, and refreshed for maximum effect and minimal effort.


    Acura – Office of the Future

    We partnered with Mark Thrope Design to design the office of the future to be featured in the Enquire Ultimate Bachelor pad.   We designed a conceptual work table that was inspired by the main sponsor, ACURA.

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    Big news

    New Look – Same Mission

    We are excited to announce our new website and logo. Klaber Design + Architecture is now simply k—da.  The last 24 months have brought growth and new challenges.  We thank our old branding for bringing us to where we are and are excited to transition to our new cleaner look as we continue to march forward.  What is not changing is our dedication to beautiful functional design and a commitment to providing the absolute highest level of service.

    Development Architectural Analysis and Rendering k—da

    Development Visualization

    Humboldt Assemblage 

    We worked with our friends at the Corcoran Foray Group to analyze and visualize the potential of a Williamsburg assemblage.

    Blog / Resource

    Architectural Detailing 

    Often overlooked, unless there is a problem, architectural detailing is one of the most important and time-consuming aspects of design.  If you were curious about what details are and why they take the time they do – take a look at our brief overview of the basics of Architectural Detailing.

    Under Construction

    Stone Hall

    Stone Hall is a new gathering place, venue, and lounge designed as a companion space for the Atrium Lodges.  It will host weddings, parties, dinners, and serve as a lounge for the guests.



    Here at kda, we are not only designers but also development partners. For our developer clients, we offer a range of services that provide value at any stage of a project from initial investigations and site analysis, to design, permitting, and construction.


    See all the latest news, thoughts, updates, and resources.

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    New to This?

    We have resources to help!  We have curated a series of articles, whitepapers, and videos to help you learn what to expect for this process.


    5 Phases of Design

    Designing and building a new home is a big process.  Understanding the phases of the project and how the architect and client approach these phases can help you understand what to expect as you move through this process.


    Devoe Beer Hall

    We worked with the Foray Group to reimagine how this Brooklyn lot could be given new life as a brewery and bear hall.

    Under development


    TITLE HOUSE is a customizable pre-designed upstate house.  It is being created both for medium size developments and one-off sites.  It allows clients to create a personalized home without having to start the design process from scratch.  Embodying all of our core design principals and our commitment to designing responsibly.


    Architectural Jargon

    A new resource is now available to help translate what your architect says!


    Food for Thought

    Mapping Through Food was a conceptual mapping project undertaken with collaborators Lucia Eastman and Jake Sandmann.  We were looking for nontraditional ways to understand the urban fabric.


    What is BIM?

    k—da uses BIM (Building Information Models) to communicate and document our designs, allowing our clients, collaborators and contractors, fully understand a design from conception through construction.  Learn more about BIM here.

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