We do not care where good ideas come from. Everybody is expected to contribute.

We firmly believe that the most successful teams are composed of compatible people.  We look for strong leaders, efficient designers, and compassionate people to join our staff. We assemble small project-based teams, meaning that our staff works through the entire lifecycle of a project.   All staff is expected to work on all phases of projects.

The Way We Work

k-da at offers exciting opportunities to those who are interested in working on all phases of projects and like to see things get built! k-da believes that happy workers produce the best work, and we strive for both design excellence and work to promote work/life harmony.

The k-da Workplace

We trust that our staff knows how best to get quality work done in the most efficient way possible. Staff will be expected to spend time on project sites overseeing construction. Every employee is equipped with a laptop to allow the freedom to work from where the work needs to get done. That said, we do believe that collaboration among our staff is vital for good design and efficient communication. Everybody is expected to work from the office several times a week.

Professional Development

k-da is a strong supporter of personal and professional development.

We support our staff’s getting licensed.  We will do our best to facilitate employees making their way through the AXP; helping them getting the hours they need.  We also subsidize the licensing exam and offer a bonus to those who complete the licensure process.

Open Positions

k-da does not currently have any open positions.  That said, we always like to be introduced to talented people, so please do not hesitate to reach out and share your portfoliowith us.

APPLY NOW:  [email protected]