(Some of the) Major Factors of Luxury Townhouse Design 1545 1000 k—da

(Some of the) Major Factors of Luxury Townhouse Design

(Some of the) Major Considerations of Luxury Townhouse Design Contemporary high-end townhouse design in New York City is a blend of style, functionality, and innovation. The design process is involved, and it is important your design and engineering team understand the complexities of creating a living space that is both beautiful and practical. There are…

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Don’t Skip the Design 1920 2560 k—da

Don’t Skip the Design

Don’t Skip the DesignWhy a Complete Set Saves Time, Money, and Frustration The urge to break ground, get started, and see your dream project become reality is understandable. However, when it comes to construction, rushing into bidding and building before a holistic and properly documented design is complete can backfire. Time saved on the front…

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So What Even Is An Architect? 1432 1000 k—da

So What Even Is An Architect?

What is an Architect? The Unique Blend of Roles in Architecture: More Than Just Design When we think of an architect, the image that often comes to mind is of a professional designing impressive buildings or crafting detailed plans. However, the role of an architect is multifaceted and far-reaching. An architect is not just a…

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What is CRI… and why to do I care? 1498 1000 k—da

What is CRI… and why to do I care?

What is the Color Rendering Index (CRI) and why should I care?Why investing in high quality light can make a difference. Understanding the Color Rendering Index (CRI) is crucial in interior design, particularly when it comes to lighting your space. CRI measures how accurately a light source reveals the true colors of objects it illuminates.…

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Understanding Color In Interior Design 1908 967 k—da

Understanding Color In Interior Design

Color In DesignUnderstanding the complexities of color and material pallets In the dynamic world of architecture and interior design, the use of color is much more than just a matter of aesthetics; it’s an intricate balance of perception, light, and context. Developing color palettes for projects that embody a holistic vision without feeling constrained or…

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Cost Per Square Foot of Apartment Renovations 1792 1024 k—da

Cost Per Square Foot of Apartment Renovations

Cost Per Square Foot… Why this costs so much…Understanding the True Costs of Luxury Apartment Renovations When renovating luxury apartments in New York City, understanding the cost factors is crucial for making informed decisions. At k—da, we specialize in transforming spaces with an emphasis on quality and thoughtful design, but this does come with a…

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Why Each Townhouse is Unique 647 1000 k—da

Why Each Townhouse is Unique

Every Townhouse is SpecialThe Uniqueness of NYC Townhouse Renovations and Developments When strolling through the streets of New York City, one can be captivated by the rows of uniform townhouses. We often get inquiries about how much it would be to renovate, how difficult it would be to put an addition, or if they can…

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ALT 1 Vs ALT 2 Filings
What Are Alt 1 and Alt 2 Filings? 1200 900 k—da

What Are Alt 1 and Alt 2 Filings?

What are Alt 1 and Alt 2 Filings?Understanding Alt 1 and Alt 2 Filings in NYC Navigating the maze of New York City’s building codes and permit processes can be a challenging endeavor. One area that often generates confusion is the distinction between “Alt 1” and “Alt 2” filings. Let’s break it down for clarity.…

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What is FAR (Floor Area Ratio)…And Why Should I Care? 2048 1103 k—da

What is FAR (Floor Area Ratio)…And Why Should I Care?

What is FAR ( Floor Area Ratio)?Understanding Floor Area Ratio: A Key Concept for Residential Development Floor Area Ratio, commonly known by its acronym FAR, is a vital metric used in urban planning and zoning. It represents a relationship between the total ‘floor area’ of a building and the size of the land upon which…

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Fresh Air in Luxury New York City Townhomes 1024 1024 k—da

Fresh Air in Luxury New York City Townhomes

Fresh Air in Luxury Townhouse DesignUnderstanding the mechanics behind fresh air and how it can affect design. When it comes to contemporary luxury New York City townhouse design, it’s essential to consider not only the aesthetics of the home but also the indoor air quality. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of…

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Understanding Your Budget 1500 1000 k—da

Understanding Your Budget

The Hard Truth About Soft CostsUnderstanding Your Design Budget When building or renovating a luxury townhouse or high-end apartment, there is a multitude of design elements to consider, from finishes to fixtures and appliances. It can be overwhelming to know where to start, but one of the most important questions you will be asked is…

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137 West 13th Street Townhouse High End Contemporary Residential Development Deck Looking Into Kitchen by k—da
High-End Contemporary Design in Historic Townhouses 534 800 k—da

High-End Contemporary Design in Historic Townhouses

High-End Contemporary Design in Historic TownhousesHow to marry historic fabric with modern charm. New York City is a melting pot of culture, history, and innovation, and the city’s architecture reflects this diversity. Modern single-family townhouse renovations in New York City are no exception, as homeowners seek to marry contemporary design with the character and charm…

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What is Asbestos… And Why Should I Care? 1200 1201 k—da

What is Asbestos… And Why Should I Care?

What is Asbestos…And Why Should I Care?Understanding how Asbestos can affect your luxury townhouse or apartment renovation. Most of us have heard of Asbestos and at least know it is something that is BAD. Many though do not know why it is bad and how it can affect your renovation. Asbestos is a naturally occurring…

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The Importance of Architectural Detailing 4584 1898 k—da

The Importance of Architectural Detailing

Architectural DetailingHow The Small Details Make Big Impacts The famous designer Charles Eames said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” If you have not been through a design process, you may not have heard of the concept of architectural detailing, yet it may be the most crucial part of a design.…

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Understanding Excavation + Underpinning In Luxury Townhouses 2560 2560 k—da

Understanding Excavation + Underpinning In Luxury Townhouses

Understanding Excavation, Underpinning, and How It Relates To Luxury Single-Family Townhouses Renovating a luxury townhouse in New York City is an exciting venture. But when looking to expand the townhouse to create more space and value, your options can be limited.  Zoning limitations on height, bulk, open space, and floor area will often limit how…

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Zoning As It Relates to Luxury Single-Family Townhomes 1024 1024 k—da

Zoning As It Relates to Luxury Single-Family Townhomes

Zoning As It Relates to Luxury Single-Family Townhomes Zoning and codes play a significant role in the space planning and design of contemporary luxury townhouses in New York City.  Zoning regulations not only dictate how a property can be used, but they also outline the size, bulk, useable floor area, and required open space.  These…

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Lets Talk About Money… 1503 1000 k—da

Lets Talk About Money…

What you need to know about Architectural Fees A good architect should ask about your budget in your first interview. Do not dodge this question. While money can be difficult to talk about, you should never be uncomfortable about answering honestly. The Architect works for you, and one of the Architect’s most important responsibilities is…

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Speaking at the VW Design Summit 1189 930 k—da

Speaking at the VW Design Summit

TOM KLABER TO SPEAK AT DESIGN SUMMIT Tom Klaber has been invited to give a presentation at the third annual Vectorworks Design Summit this fall.   The summit is an industry focused 3 day event, held this year in Baltimore.  Tom will be sharing his insights on how best to use new software tools to automate quality…

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Wasting No Time 1000 1195 k—da

Wasting No Time

Demolition begins at West Village Townhouse We are very excited that a day after closing, demolition has begun on our new West Village townhouse! KDA works with developers to accelerate construction timelines.  In this case, we were able to file for a demolition permit before the property was even acquired by our client.  This allowed for the contractor…

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146 Waverly Featured! 1578 1000 k—da

146 Waverly Featured!

146 WAVERLY IS A BIG TICKET! We are very proud of 146 Waverly, and now the New York Times has done a feature “Big Ticket” article to commemorate the sale!  See read the article and see the project below. SEE THE PROJECTREAD THE ARTICLE

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ACURA Table Featured! 576 322 k—da

ACURA Table Featured!

The Office of The Future After some really great red carpet parties, the Esquire issue about the bachelor pad of the future is here, featuring the Acura Table.  Issue 1/2012.  Big thanks goes out to Marc Thrope, everybody at Acura, and Esquire. See the Acura Table Project See Marc Thrope's Work

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In The Middle of It All 1000 1147 k—da

In The Middle of It All

Hot Property KDA’s West Village townhouse is in the news!  While we have not started construction, the Ascend Group, Round Square Builders, and KDA partnership is getting some press.  137 13th street is part of a unique MEGA mansion development play as 133 and 135 are also available for purchase. We are pushing ahead with what is…

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Telsa’s Solar Roof 1920 752 k—da

Telsa’s Solar Roof

TESLA’S SOLAR ROOF Most people know Telsa as the company upending the car industry with their all electric cars with futuristic cockpits. Elon Musk, the founder, and CEO of Tesla, also started another company, Solar City. Recently he has combined his two companies. On the surface, it may not seem as if there is much…

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What Is BIM…And Do I Need One? 652 1024 k—da

What Is BIM…And Do I Need One?

What is BIM… and do I need one? BIM stands for ‘Building Information Modeling.’ If you are going to hire an architect, you should be familiar with what this means. A common misconception is that it just means 3D model, but it is actualy much more. It is a revolutionarily way to document and deliver…

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Solid Vs Engineered 1024 335 k—da

Solid Vs Engineered

SOLID VS ENGINEERED WOOD The short answer: engineered. While there may be isolated times when a solid wood floor is the better choice, in 90+% of situations you are going to want an engineered floor. So – what is the difference? As the name would suggest, a solid wood floor is composed of planks cut…

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Proportion, Scale, Light 1334 1000 k—da

Proportion, Scale, Light

Louis Kahn + The Salk Institute During a recent trip to San Diego, we were lucky enough to take a quick detour to the Salk Institute, a research facility about an hour outside of downtown. It was built in 1965 and designed by Louis Kahn – one of the world’s greatest architects. What is startling…

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Do I Need To File? 1080 810 k—da

Do I Need To File?

Do I Need an Architect? There are many reasons why you should hire an architect. Architects are designers and can typically deliver more creative, useful, and pleasing spaces than contractor’s or engineers (or you;) alone. Architects are trained project-managers and like a symphony conductor can help get all the various consultants, GCs, and sub-contractors to…

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What is an Expeditor…And Do I Need One? 1080 810 k—da

What is an Expeditor…And Do I Need One?

WHAT IS AN EXPEDITOR… AND DO I NEED ONE? Short answer – yes.  Long answer – maybe. An expeditor is a consultant to who handles the permitting process with the Department of Buildings.  In New York City, you are required to have an expeditor to file a drawing.  Despite their name, they do not simply make things…

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Light and Mood 1500 1000 k—da

Light and Mood

Light and Mood How Architecture Uses Lighting Styles To Enhance Your Mood The psychological effect that your surroundings have on your mood is fascinating.  Many researchers and psychologists have spent quite a lot of time on researching the effects of different designs, structures, lighting styles and colors on your mind and mood.  During many years…

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What is the LPC…And Why Should I Care? 960 960 k—da

What is the LPC…And Why Should I Care?

WHAT IS THE LPC – AND WHY SHOULD I CARE?HOW TO DESIGN IN A PROTECTED DISTRICT The LPC, or Landmarks Preservation Commission, is a city organization charged with protecting various historic districts and buildings. If your project falls within a historic district or is an individually landmarked building, you are required to gain approval from…

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One and Done! 2017 1000 k—da

One and Done!

LPC Approves our GV Townhouse We are excited and proud to announce that the Landmarks Preservation Commission has approved our Greenwich Village Townhouse with no modifications or exceptions on our first attempt! The Landmarks approval process is laborious. It takes months of planning, work, and community meetings. Many times, even after all that work, the…

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Where does marble come from? 720 479 k—da

Where does marble come from?

Where Marble Comes From… It is sometimes easy to forget the immense effort that goes into getting the materials that we use to build and outfit our buildings.  It can be easy to specify marble as if it just comes to this earth as slabs ready to become kitchens and bathrooms.  This beautiful film by Yuri…

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Post-Covid High-End Residential Design 533 800 k—da

Post-Covid High-End Residential Design

Post-Covid High-End Residential DesignAdditional value on home offices and flex spaces As COVID-19 restrictions continue to loosen up across the US, it’s clear that many elements of daily life will have changed long-term. We’re seeing a similar trend in the design space—throughout the last year and a half, consumers spent more time at home than…

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AI In Architecture 500 500 k—da

AI In Architecture

AI in ArchitectureWhat is AI? How is it changing Architecture? And why does it matter? AI in architecture refers to the use of artificial intelligence technology to support and enhance various aspects of the architectural design and construction process. AI can be used to analyze and optimize building performance, automate design and construction processes, and…

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How Long Should My High-End Apartment Renovation Take? 1024 1024 k—da

How Long Should My High-End Apartment Renovation Take?

How Long Should My High-End Apartment Renovation Take? Renovating a high-end luxury apartment in New York City can be a complex and time-consuming process that requires meticulous planning and architectural/ interior design. From the initial design phase to the approval process and the construction phase, there are several stages involved in a successful renovation project.…

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What Is Passive House and Do I Need One? 650 433 k—da

What Is Passive House and Do I Need One?

UNDERSTANDING PASSIVE HOUSE Passive House design is a strict design standard that limits the energy use of the house. While LEED concerned itself with many different factors, such as indoor air quality and embodied the energy of materials, Passive House only deals with energy usage. In the most basic terms, to achieve a Passive House…

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The Sustainable Strategies Every Project Should Employ 1080 1586 k—da

The Sustainable Strategies Every Project Should Employ

Sustainable Design Strategies Green design is an idea that most people have heard of, but few understand what it means from on a practical level. Most people when they think of a Green Building think of solar panels, but in reality, there is much more to it. While onsite renewable energy generation like solar panels…

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What is PASSIVE HOUSE and Do I Want One? 1778 1000 k—da

What is PASSIVE HOUSE and Do I Want One?

What is Passive House? PassiveHouse design is a set of principles and standards that aims to create highly energy-efficient buildings that require very little heating or cooling. These buildings are designed to provide a comfortable living environment for occupants while reducing energy consumption and associated costs. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at…

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What is LEED and Do I Want One? 1024 661 k—da

What is LEED and Do I Want One?

What Is LEED? LEED stands for Leadership in Energy Efficient Design and is a rating system and agency that certifies buildings are sustainable according to their rating system. LEED, unlike PassiveHouse, takes many factors beyond energy usage into account when certifying a project. Indoor air quality, material sourcing, recycled content, and construction techniques are among…

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9 Questions You Should Ask Your Architect 1335 1000 k—da

9 Questions You Should Ask Your Architect

The 9 questions you should ask at the start of a project. There are 1000s of things to do when starting a new project. This is why having right professionals on your side is essential. There several questions you are going to need to ask your architect and several more you are going to need…

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Interior Design Vs Decorating 1068 1600 k—da

Interior Design Vs Decorating

The Difference Between Interior Design and Interior Decorating Interior design and decorating services are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two distinct professions. While both aim to improve the look and functionality of a space, they differ in their focus and approach. Understanding the difference between the two can help you choose the…

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The 5 Phases of Design and How We Can Help 1000 1000 k—da

The 5 Phases of Design and How We Can Help

The 5 Phases Of DesignSeeing Things From Our Client’s Perspective It is not unusual for somebody to only need an architect once or twice in their life, and many of our clients are working with an architect for the first time. We feel that communication is THE most critical aspect of our relationship with clients…

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Architectural Jargon 1380 915 k—da

Architectural Jargon

Understanding the words that are coming out of my mouth. Like any old profession, Architecture is rife with a dense jargon that can sometimes make it difficult for an outsider to understand what an architect is trying to say.  We do our best to avoid confusing our clients, but we are not immune to this…

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New Look – Same Mission 2560 1707 k—da

New Look – Same Mission

NEW LOOK – SAME MISSION We are upgrading our look! Klaber Design + Architecture is now simply k-da.  Along with the new logo and name, we have launched a new website to better show our work, share our thoughts, and offer resources to our clients. As part of a longer-term transition, this new branding is…

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New Director of Design 2560 2560 k—da

New Director of Design

Andrea Guatta Caldini Joining the Firm as Partner and Director of Design k—da is thrilled and proud to announce that Andrea Guatta Caldini is joining the firm as a Partner and our new Director of Design.  He has a passion and talent for beautiful, smart, and sustainable design and an impressive ability to deliver. Andrea…

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Now the Fun Really Starts 1200 900 k—da

Now the Fun Really Starts

137 W 13TH FULLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION After some fits, starts, and hard negotiations to obtain our licensing agreements, we are thrilled to report that 137W13 is now fully under construction.  Demolition of the rear wall is complete!  The bricks have been saved and will not be combed through to find the best ones to construct the…

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Published – RFT 225 225 k—da

Published – RFT

Two projects posted on Rethinking the Future! After years of toiling away, these projects are getting their due!  Both the OH House and the LP Apartment were published in Rethinking the Future.  These two projects represent our large range from hyper contemporary New York City apartment, to clean and cozy upstate interiors.  Check out the…

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Designing Physical Distance 1112 1197 k—da

Designing Physical Distance

How to design for a pademic. Our lives have been profoundly affected by the 2020 pandemic – in ways big and small.  As we look forward to the future, we need to be thinking about what the new normal will look like. How does design react to a once in a generation pandemic?  Should it?…

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Published in ArchDaily 1000 1359 k—da

Published in ArchDaily

BD Apartment Published on ArchDaily We are excited and honored for our BD Apartment to get a little press!  We love this project.  It shows how much can be done with a small space, a willing client, and a little bit of clever thinking. CHECK OUT THE POST

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The Power of Light 1200 1498 k—da

The Power of Light

Architecture and Light The psychological effect that your surroundings have on your mood is absolutely fascinating. Many researchers and psychologists have spent quite a lot of time on researching the effects of different designs, structures, lighting styles and colors on your mind and mood. During many years of research, these professionals found that colors and…

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Architecture Vs Interior Design 2560 1707 k—da

Architecture Vs Interior Design

The Difference Between Architecture and Interior Design Interior design and architectural services are two essential elements that work together to create a cohesive and functional design for any building project. While some may assume that they are separate services, it is crucial to coordinate the two aspects to achieve the desired outcome. In this blog…

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Stalled 1200 800 k—da


Reimaging Public Bathrooms Public bathroom design is typically tolerable at best, and often times not even.  This is compounded greatly by people with disabilities or who are transgender.  Stalled! is a group of architects and designers who have been working on reimaging the public restroom to be more inclusive and functional for everybody. We are…

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k-da Awarded Best Boutique Design Firm – NYC 1000 516 k—da

k-da Awarded Best Boutique Design Firm – NYC

k-da Wins Best Boutique Design Firm – NYC k-da was awarded Best Boutique Design Firm – NYC by BUILD Magazine. While we declined the offer to buy ourselves a trophy, we nonetheless enjoy the title!  While not the most prestigious of outfits, as architects, we are by nature slightly egotistic, so we are always happy…

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The Real Deal Announces Sale 1600 900 k—da

The Real Deal Announces Sale

The Real Deal announces the sale of our 13th Townhouse! We are excited to announce that our West Village townhouse has sold – pre-completion!  The team on this project has been fantastic and shows what good collaboration can bring about.  We could not be prouder to be a part of this project. It is rare…

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