What is LEED and Do I Want One?

What is LEED and Do I Want One? 1024 661 k—da

What Is LEED?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy Efficient Design and is a rating system and agency that certifies buildings are sustainable according to their rating system. LEED, unlike PassiveHouse, takes many factors beyond energy usage into account when certifying a project. Indoor air quality, material sourcing, recycled content, and construction techniques are among the many different ways a design can get points toward certification.

Deciding to attempt to build a LEED project is a big decision. While the cost of construction is likely to be a bit higher, there are significant increases associated with the administrative costs to properly document the design and construction to received certification.

Tom Klaber is a LEED Accreditated Professional, and KDA would be happy to discuss LEED and other sustainable design strategies for your next project. Here are some quick and useful videos to explain Green Building and the LEED System: