Light and Mood

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Light and Mood

How Architecture Uses Lighting Styles To Enhance Your Mood

The psychological effect that your surroundings have on your mood is fascinating.  Many researchers and psychologists have spent quite a lot of time on researching the effects of different designs, structures, lighting styles and colors on your mind and mood.  During many years of research, these professionals found that colors and lighting styles are greatly linked to your mood and can even result in mental conditions such as depression.

Modern architects have also started studying up on the effect of lighting and colors and have started reinventing their designs to enhance your mood.  Here is how modern architecture uses lighting styles to put you in a great mood.

Natural light to enhance your mood and promote social interaction

Architect Lyn Grossman greatly focuses his library designs on natural lighting.  The natural light creates a more comfortable study environment for those that spend time inside the library and enhances comfort throughout the day.  Those that enjoy the library also stay connected to the outside world because they can still see what is going on outside and observe other people.  Those on the outside get a good glimpse of what is happening inside and they can see students in their element.  This method of using natural light is great for keeping people connected while giving you the comforts of isolation at the very same time.

Natural light promotes healing

An AIA spokesman Scott Frank also demonstrated that architects promote healing.  Natural light in hospitals boost the recovery rates of patients and the light is great for boosting the school performance of students that are hospitalized.  This is because the natural light is great for promoting melatonin hormone production which improves your body’s natural ability to tell the time easily so you get enough sleep during the night and feel boosted during the day.

The right lighting style promotes productivity

With natural light in a building during the day, you can focus a lot better because the sunlight directly affects your body’s ability to tell the difference between day and night so you can perform much better during the day.  The right type of lighting inside a building also enhances your mind’s ability to stay focused when you have to study or work at night time since the light enhances your mood and energy levels and keeps you alert and awake by simulating sunlight or daytime light.

The right use of light colors

While it is important to have the right lighting style inside a building, it is also important to use the right colors on the inside of the building.  Darker colors tend to make rooms look a whole lot darker and promote feelings of depression and sadness.  If you choose lighter colors for the interior of the building the light is reflected a lot more and the entire room becomes lighter.  This in return makes you feel a lot more energized and alert.  Different colors can also affect your mood in different ways.  Yellow shades, for example, make you feel a lot happier.  Blue shades create a more professional and goal oriented mood.

With the right architectural design, your building can be a lot more energy efficient and those that use the building are a lot more productive and their moods are greatly stimulated while social interaction is also promoted.  Using a good quality architect is definitely worth your investment so your buildings will suit the occupants needs perfectly.