LP Apartment

The owner of this Chelsea apartment was a jewelry designer and hired k-da to upgrade her apartment to better reflect her clean contemporary style and her attention to detail. 

The apartment was cozy, which forced us to consider how to create space from a limited volume.  We decided to have moments of high contrast to define the space – concentrating on pallets of white and black. The light entryway with its flush mirrored closets led you to the living room  The open kitchen is rendered dark both distinguishing itself from the living room as well as acting as a counterbalancing element to the otherwise light living room. 

  • The client, being a jewelry designer, was as obsessed with the details as we are. Invisible flush mount doors, flush baseboards, and trimless opening allowed the space to always feel clean and crisp. The bathroom is rendered in a marble mosaic that both creates a beautiful geometric pattern when viewed close, and fades to a marble field when viewed holistically.  

    The bedroom was kept minimal as well with both flush sliding doors and simple open storage to mimic the open shelves in the living room. This contemporary apartment is a great example of how good detailing and thoughtful design can elevate small living spaces.

    • COMPLETED: 2020
    • SIZE: 600 SQ. FT.
    • BUDGET: $150K