APM Monaco

Project Management / Owner’s Representation

As the US Project Manager for APM Monaco’s expansion, k-da took on a crucial role in coordinating the design and construction of these high-end retail jewelry outlets across the country. With our experience in architectural design and project management, we were able to ensure that each store was not only stunning in its design but also efficiently executed within budget and on schedule.

Our team worked closely with APM Monaco to understand their brand and vision, as well as the unique requirements of each location. We liaised with local contractors and suppliers, managed the construction process, and ensured that each store met the strict quality standards set by APM Monaco.

Throughout the project, we provided regular updates to APM Monaco, keeping them informed of progress and any issues that arose. We also worked closely with local authorities to ensure that all necessary permits and approvals were obtained.

Our team’s extensive experience in architectural design, project management, and construction allowed us to deliver high-quality results for APM Monaco. From the glamour of LA to the vibrancy of Boston, k-da was there as a trusted partner, ensuring the successful expansion of this luxury brand in the US market.