Lets Talk About Money…

Lets Talk About Money… 1800 1200 KDA

What you need to know about Architectural Fees A good architect should ask about your budget in your first interview. Do not dodge this question. While money can be difficult to talk about, you should never be uncomfortable about answering honestly. The Architect works for you, and one of the Architect’s most important responsibilities is…

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Do I Need to File?

Do I Need to File? 2048 1152 KDA

Do I Need an Architect? There are many reasons why you should hire an architect. Architects are designers and can typically deliver more creative, useful, and pleasing spaces than contractor’s or engineers (or you;) alone. Architects are trained project-managers and like a symphony conductor can help get all the various consultants, GCs, and sub-contractors to…

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What is an Architect?

What is an Architect? 1170 782 KDA

WHAT IS AN ARCHITECT? An architect is not simply somebody who works in an architecture firm or one who has graduated from architecture school. An architect is a licensed professional deemed by their jurisdictions to have met all criteria required to hold the license. It is a protected professional title. Each state has slightly different…

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What is PassiveHaus (Passive House) and do I need one?

What is PassiveHaus (Passive House) and do I need one? 1000 643 KDA

UNDERSTANDING PASSIVE HOUSE Passive House design is a strict design standard that limits the energy use of the house. While LEED concerned itself with many different factors, such as indoor air quality and embodied the energy of materials, Passive House only deals with energy usage. In the most basic terms, to achieve a Passive House…

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What is FAR? – And why do I care?

What is FAR? – And why do I care? 2048 1103 KDA

FAR – Floor Area Ratio FAR is a zoning acronym that stands for ‘Floor Area Ratio.’ This number will dictate how much ‘floor area’ you can have in relation to the size of your lot. It is one of the methods used by city zoning regulations to control the overall size of a building. For…

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