The Best Unused Logo

The Best Unused Logo

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The Best New (Unused) Logo

As you may know, KDA dabbles in graphic design. This is not our core business, but we enjoy the opportunities we have had and certainly appreciate good graphic, brand, and identity design. One of the best we have seen in a long time is HP’s new logo. This grumpy old company specializing in enterprise servers and boring consumer desktop towers had a very 1990s logo to match their reputation. But, as it turns out, it has been sitting on one of the best logo redesigns in recent memory. Back in 2008, HP commissioned the firm Moving Brands to redesign the HP identity – and we are only now starting to see this new logo – 9 years after it was conceptualized.

The new logo consists of 4 slashes that come together to from the ‘HP.’ What I love so much about this logo is that the HP aspect is so both so present and yet fades into just a simple, pleasing geometric symbol. Why HP did not roll this our earlier is beyond me. They have not started using it on their high-end specter line of consumer products, but this is so clearly superior to the hp in the circle that it should become the standard logo. Moving Brands even imagined this becoming so iconic that the logo would simplify over time. Finally becoming 1 simple slash.



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