Whats In A Name?

Whats In A Name?

Whats In A Name? 711 711 KDA

What a long strange journey it’s been.  While not all the final hurdles have been cleared, KDA received its official legal name approval for Klaber Design Architecture….

You will notice that there is no ‘and’ or ‘+’ in there.  It is not because we did not want one or thought Klaber Design Architecture rolled off the tongue.  We do not mean ‘Design Architecture’ as opposed to other types of architecture.  This was the mandated legal name as decided by the New York State Office of Professions.

In New York, as in many states, the legal entities of professions like lawyers and architects have special rules.  Many states, for example, do not allow architects to have LLCs.  New York State has created a special kind of LLC, a PLLC or Professional Limited Liability Company, for architects and other licensed professionals.  On top of having to check your credentials, the State also has to approve your name to make sure you are not misleading the public. One of the many rules is that the world ‘Architecture’ has to appear in your approved name.

Before KDA was KDA, we were KAD or Klaber Architecture + Design.  When we legally reformed, there was a feeling that we did not want to be KAD (or cad – as it would be pronounced) because of the definition of a cad being a disreputable person.  So when we submitted our paperwork we were Klaber Design + Architecture.  This name was rejected.  The reason was the state felt that this name implied that we would be doing some other type of design that we did not have a license to perform.  While KDA does provide graphic and web design services, you do not need a license to provide those.  When we asked for clarification, we were told that the decision was final.  As far as we can tell the only other type of design that requires a license is hairdressing.  So ostensibly our preferred name was denied because the state felt that it might trick the public into coming to KDA for haircuts that we were not licenced to give, and somehow not having the ‘and’ or &’ or ‘+’ eliminated that confusion for them.

There was a serious time presser to get the company formed, so rather than fighting, we just accepted the name.  So legally, we are Klaber Design Architecture…for now.  We plan on re-evaluating that when we have the time…

But in celebration of the State FINALLY accepting the name that they dictated we have, we are launching our new logo!

Really this is more of a soft-opening as it is still being tweaked and tested, but we are so happy that we thought we would start using right away!

We gave ourselves a tough task, as we wanted it to be both new, yet linked to the old letter mark logo. We also wanted it to emit a sense of lightness and fun while at the same time retain the old letter-marks stateliness.

We are quite happy with where we landed. The new logo is versatile and iconic. It can stand alone, or with the full wordmark below or stacked to the side. It can be shown with KDAs changing color gradients, or as a solid.

The new geometry was built directly from the old KDA letter mark font. We found that this simultaneously retained the fundamental character of the old KDA letter mark while also being something new. We will be rolling this new logo out over the next 2 months – so keep your eyes peeled.



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