We are a SOUP TO NUTS partner for select developers who trust us to understand the market and provide vital information and design services during the entire life-cycle of a project.  We work to analyze potential acquisitions, work with lending authorities on feasibility, and develop schematics and pre-design packages for funding and procurement.  KDA is then equipped to seamlessly transition into the design and construction phases either as the primary architect, strategic partner, or as project manager/owner’s representatives as the project necessitates.


KDA can work with developers at any stage of the development process.  In the early stages, we can determine possible property assemblages, and available air rights to maximize a sites buildable potential.  We can game out different development scenarios to determine the most value the site can offer.  We also can assemble micro-climate analysis including solar exposure, shadowing, and flood potential studies, as well as market maps including walkability scores, and proximity to favorable disfavorable entities.


KDA will work with local code experts to do a full zoning analysis to fully uncover all the potential value of your site.  We will determine all the limiting factors and put together various developmental options  for the development.


KDA can work with developers to establish and refine the programming for your project.  We will work with you to understand spatial and adjacency requirements and analyze these against the zoning envelope to work on how the pieces of your project come together.


KDA can work quickly to produce a schematic design package.  We work with the client’s programming needs and budget estimate to start examining plans, elevations, and sections in more detail.


KDA can work with you to produce high-quality visualizations for your project at a verity of price points.  Whether you need massing studies for internal review, presentation plans for investors, or top quality photorealistic renderings for marketing material, KDA, can assemble the right team at the right price for your job.

“New York is Always a Good Idea.”

KDA works at a variety of scales and market positions. We understand the real estate market and how to position our services to match your project needs.



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