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KDA’s COLOR OF THE YEAR! Ever year, KDA, selects a new brand accent color, our ‘color of the year.’ Back in early November, KDA quietly selected and rolled out what we call “Red Sea.” We have been updating our website and promotional material for the 2019 release… and then this: PANTONE’S COLOR OF THE YEAR…

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One and Done!

One and Done! 960 960 KDA

LPC Approves our GV Townhouse We are excited and proud to announce that the Landmarks Preservation Commission has approved our Greenwich Village Townhouse with no modifications or exceptions on our first attempt! The Landmarks approval process is laborious. It takes months of planning, work, and community meetings. Many times, even after all that work, the…

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Proportion, Scale, And Light

Proportion, Scale, And Light 1599 1200 KDA

Louis Kahn + The Salk Institute During a recent trip to San Diego, we were lucky enough to take a quick detour to the Salk Institute, a research facility about an hour outside of downtown. It was built in 1965 and designed by Louis Kahn – one of the world’s greatest architects. What is startling…

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Where Marble Comes From

Where Marble Comes From 2048 1103 KDA

Where Marble Comes From… It is sometimes easy to forget the immense effort that goes into getting the materials that we use to build and outfit our buildings.  It can be easy to specify marble as if it just comes to this earth as slabs ready to become kitchens and bathrooms.  This beautiful film by Yuri…

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The Best Unused Logo

The Best Unused Logo 980 636 KDA

The Best New (Unused) Logo As you may know, KDA dabbles in graphic design. This is not our core business, but we enjoy the opportunities we have had and certainly appreciate good graphic, brand, and identity design. One of the best we have seen in a long time is HP’s new logo. This grumpy old…

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Telsa’s New Solar Roof

Telsa’s New Solar Roof 2048 802 KDA

Most people know Telsa as the company upending the car industry with their all electric cars with futuristic cockpits. Elon Musk, the founder, and CEO of Tesla, also started another company, Solar City. Recently he has combined his two companies. On the surface, it may not seem as if there is much overlap between electric…

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Oiio Studio’s The Big Bend

Oiio Studio’s The Big Bend 1200 675 KDA

Oiio Studio’s conceptual The Big Bend is our inspiration of the week!  Very simple, yet totally striking.  If New York could be so lucky.

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Design With Electricity

Design With Electricity 1000 647 KDA

This table was designed and constructed by James Davis.  Constructed from wood and steel and scared with electricity.  Very masculine.  Really gorgeous craftsmanship.  Something to inspire to for KDA’s new conference room / game table! The most interesting part is that it is scored with electricity.  They spread a water and baking soda over the surface and…

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Perfectly Cooked Steak

Perfectly Cooked Steak 500 333 KDA

Cooking steak is not exactly architectural, but it feels like it is the same combination of art and science.  I just ran across this website, simple and fun to play around with:  It simulates cooking at different temperatures and times so you can cook the perfect steak! I am going to try it out…

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