Things To Know

Where Marble Comes From

Where Marble Comes From 2048 1103 KDA

Where Marble Comes From… It is sometimes easy to forget the immense effort that goes into getting the materials that we use to build and outfit our buildings.  It can be easy to specify marble as if it just comes to this earth as slabs ready to become kitchens and bathrooms.  This beautiful film by Yuri…

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What is an Architect?

What is an Architect? 1170 782 KDA

WHAT IS AN ARCHITECT? An architect is not simply somebody who works in an architecture firm or one who has graduated from architecture school. An architect is a licensed professional deemed by their jurisdictions to have met all criteria required to hold the license. It is a protected professional title. Each state has slightly different…

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What is PassiveHaus (Passive House) and do I need one?

What is PassiveHaus (Passive House) and do I need one? 1000 643 KDA

UNDERSTANDING PASSIVE HOUSE Passive House design is a strict design standard that limits the energy use of the house. While LEED concerned itself with many different factors, such as indoor air quality and embodied the energy of materials, Passive House only deals with energy usage. In the most basic terms, to achieve a Passive House…

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What is FAR? – And why do I care?

What is FAR? – And why do I care? 2048 1103 KDA

FAR – Floor Area Ratio FAR is a zoning acronym that stands for ‘Floor Area Ratio.’ This number will dictate how much ‘floor area’ you can have in relation to the size of your lot. It is one of the methods used by city zoning regulations to control the overall size of a building. For…

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The 5 Phases Of Design and How We Can Help

The 5 Phases Of Design and How We Can Help 1000 750 KDA

Seeing Things From Our Client’s Perspecitve Most people only build or renovate their home a few times in their life. Many of our clients are working with an architect for the first time. I stumbled across an unusual post by David Kim, AIA, where he describes the 5 phases of design. I was expecting it…

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Our New Home

Our New Home 2048 497 KDA

Moving on up! KDA is excited to announce that we are moving to a new home in the (somewhat) beautiful, old Grand Union Tea Company building in DUMBO!  We have outgrown our current digs on 4th Avenue and are shacking up with the creative folk at  DUMBO is a hotbed of imaginative and productive designers, makers,…

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Wasting No Time

Wasting No Time 1375 1833 KDA

Demolition begins at West Village Townhouse We are very excited that a day after closing, demolition has begun on our new West Village townhouse! KDA works with developers to accelerate construction timelines.  In this case, we were able to file for a demolition permit before the property was even acquired by our client.  This allowed for the contractor…

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Telsa’s New Solar Roof

Telsa’s New Solar Roof 2048 802 KDA

Most people know Telsa as the company upending the car industry with their all electric cars with futuristic cockpits. Elon Musk, the founder, and CEO of Tesla, also started another company, Solar City. Recently he has combined his two companies. On the surface, it may not seem as if there is much overlap between electric…

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Engineered vs Solid Wood Flooring – Which is better?

Engineered vs Solid Wood Flooring – Which is better? 4048 3036 KDA

The short answer: engineered. While there may be isolated times when a solid wood floor is the better choice, in 90+% of situations you are going to want an engineered floor. So – what is the difference? As the name would suggest, a solid wood floor is composed of planks cut directly from a tree.…

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What is a BIM, And do I need one?

What is a BIM, And do I need one? 1303 2048 KDA

BIM stands for ‘Building Information Modeling.’ If you are going to hire an architect, you should be familiar with what this means. A common misconception is that it just means 3D model, but it is actualy much more. It is a revolutionarily way to document and deliver projects. Back in the not so olden days,…

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