KDA Offers a Flexible Client-Centric Approach to Design and Project Managment.

Our ability to cater our teams to the precise requirements of our projects allows us to engage many project types and a diverse and exciting client base. To create great architecture, KDA believes that great design must be paired with a keen understanding of how projects get realized. We employ state-of-the-art design, documentation, and project management techniques so that we can deliver on the vision.


We feel projects work best when the whole team is included as early as possible.  Having not only the client, and end users heavily involved, but also the construction team together early in the design process helps us create better, smarter, and buildable projects.  As designers, we are passionate about creating beautiful, and functional projects that surpass the client’s expectations while at the same time respecting the neighbors and environment where these projects are realized.


Design is an iterative process, and work hard not to fall into patterns and pre-established solutions. We understand that each project’s unique set of variables requires a bespoke design process.  We pride ourselves on being adaptable.  We are just as excited to work with clients who give us full reign as we are with clients who want to be intimately involved in the process.


KDA employs building information modeling, a new and modern delivery method, from schematic design through construction administration. These models help to inform design decisions, aid in client and contractor communication, and most importantly cut down on coordination and construction errors on the site.

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